The brief for 2016

I have accomplished several milestones in 2016. Overall, it was a good year, and I’m satisfied with what I have done. For my work and studying, I feel so energetic and enthusiastic, which is good.

  • Graduated from school finally, and complete my master degree.
  • Found a nice internship, and got full-time return offer.
  • Learned a new language Swift, and developed a tvOS application.

Challenges for 2017

  • Study two front-end framework vue.js and React.js.
  • Read more than 6 technical books.
  • Distribute an Apple TV application in Apple TV App Store.
  • Distribute an iOS application in App Store.
  • Develop a program in Wechat Mini Program.
  • Ensure to post one article every other week


  • Distribute an iMessage Sticker in App Store.

This is the end of post