When we’re using macOS, we have to switch to another language to open a single application because of bad localization.

I had this issue when I’m using QQ couple days ago. Since English is my default language in my MacBook, and QQ doesn’t support to change language through its settings, also its English translation is really bad to understand. So I have to figure out a way to change QQ’s language to Chinese via command line.

Via Command Line

Open terminal, and type

defaults write $(mdls -name kMDItemCFBundleIdentifier -raw /Applications/QQ.app) AppleLanguages "(zh-Hans)"

You need to update QQ.app to the application name you want to change language, also (zh-Hans) is the desired language name. To find out all languages this application supports, open its content package, and find those languages name under /Contents/Resources directory.

Via Language Switcher

The method above is to change default language, but if you only want to change language for one-time use. Try this free application, Language Switcher. It can help you open any application from its support languages. The bad thing is that it only support one-time use, you will still see the system language if you open next time.

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