Head-First-PMP - Chapter 2: Organizations, constraints, and projects

Organization Magnets

Functional organization

  • PMs spend half their time doing admin tasks.
  • Project managers need to clear major decisions with department managers.
  • Pms don’t set the budget.

    Projectized organization

  • Teams are organized around projects.
  • Project managers choose the team members, and release them when the project is over.
  • Project managers estimate and tract budget and schedule.

Head-First-PMP - Chapter 1: Introduction

Project managers focus on to get better at their jobs

  • Knowledge
  • Performance
  • Personal skills

    Portfolio, Program, Project

  • A portfolio is a group of projects or programs that are linked together by a business goal.
  • A program is a group of projects that are closely linked, to the point where managing them together provides some benefit.
  • A project is any work that produces a specific result and is temporary.